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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Depending on your level of knowledge when it comes to digital marketing, you may or may not have heard of search engine optimization or SEO. If you are looking to grow your medical or legal practice online, SEO should be an important part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Call the Practice Marketing Guru or click here to learn more about our SEO strategy including our approach to link building, competitive analysis, keyword management, past performance, and more!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is an entire industry that has been created to help companies get found on Google and other search engines. The problem with search engine marketing is that the methods that a digital marketing company uses to improve your search engine rankings can vary widely. Some of these methods are completely legitimate and over time will result in traffic growth and in turn growth for your practice, while other methods could result in short term traffic spikes and ultimately result in penalties from Google and other search engines.

Practice Marketing Guru Provides Honest SEO Services

At The Practice Marketing Guru we only utilize what are called white-hat SEO techniques, which are meant to grow traffic to your website consistently over time. We do not employ techniques that could result in your website being ultimately banned from the major search engines, which essentially is a death sentence for your online presence.

The Practice Marketing Guru Search Engine Optimization Process

Our SEO process consists of the following key steps:

  • Free consultation – Once you decide that you would like to invest in digital marketing services you will submit a request with some pertinent information about your website and we will in turn provide an in-depth consultation that will shed light on areas of your website that need improving from an SEO perspective.
  • Website Optimization – After providing a free consultation, if you decide to use our digital marketing services we will begin to analyze and modify your website to look “better” in the eyes of the major search engines. These website changes could include meta tag modifications, content modifications as well as recommendations to completely change how your website is laid out. We also work with you to develop a marketing strategy that includes important services like PPC, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Email Marketing and Reputation Management if necessary.
  • Detailed Metrics – Once your SEO campaign is underway, The Practice Marketing Guru team will provide you with regular reports showing you how your website is performing with the major search engines and what exactly is being done on an ongoing basis to further improve your search engine rankings.

Want to Get Found On Google? Contact Practice Marketing Guru Today!

If you think that your website needs some help when it comes to digital marketing, give our SEO experts a call today at 682-777-2969 or contact us online to setup a free consultation.

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