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Necessary Healthcare Marketing

In a consumer-driven economy, marketing is a necessary reality of doing business. If you’re a doctor who is looking to bring your services to a particular area you need a marketing plan and a partnership with a knowledgeable digital marketing specialist. Practice Marketing Guru has years of experience and understanding that have culminated a robust understanding of what it takes to generate warm clients to local medical practices.

Healthcare marketing is uniquely local and relationship-oriented. First, people tend to want a doctor that is either close to their home or to their work. This means that employing a digital marketing strategy that targets specific areas can increase the visibility of healthcare practice to those who are most likely to utilize those services. Other, more traditional forms of marketing certainly increase visibility, but not necessarily with quality, potential patients.

Second, because the relationship with a doctor is relational, one client could mean the cultivation of a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial to both parties for years. Spending the time and energy to target quality, potential patients through digital marketing strategies utilizes tools that allow your marketing dollars to be spent wisely in pursuit of those individuals and families.

Practice Marketing Guru has the know-how and the tools to get this done and done well for our clients. If you have any questions about the digital marketing strategy for your healthcare practice, please contact us and we can help you develop an effective and beneficial strategy.

Time Worth the Effort

We live in a fast-paced world where information and expectations move at the speed of your Internet connection. The advent of mobile devices and social media has changed how businesses communicate with their clients and the Internet has altered marketing strategies fundamentally. 

Traditional marketing strategies are not dead, necessarily, but medical practices and personal injury attorneys that ignore the benefits of marketing through digital mediums are ignoring large swaths of potential client base. 

Additionally, simply having a website does not constitute a digital marketing strategy. Having a website or landing page is a necessary first step, but how does that webpage function to get your company in front of potential clientele and how do customers who are looking for your services find you on the internet?

Enter SEO. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the exercise in ensuring to the best of your ability that search engines (primarily Google) find your website and deliver your it up in the top search results to a possible consumer. Optimized websites are more readily discovered and delivered by search engine algorithms. Having your site properly optimized is key to making sure that your website isn’t just floating around in the Internet ether, but is easily discoverable. 

This work takes time, but investing the time is worth the effort. It may take 4-6 months for your optimization efforts to yield visible fruit, but once it does, you’ll find that interested clients will be coming to you instead of you having to chase them down with billboards and direct mailing campaigns.


Rethinking Your PPC Advertising

Some people have an initial reaction to pay per click (PPC) advertising that is rather negative. The excuses and concerns quickly pile up, but there are multiple reasons that you should consider using PPC to market your business:

You only pay for the clicks. Other advertising mediums, like print, require you to pay up front for all of your advertising whether that information is making it into the hands of an interested customer or not. With PPC, you only pay for those who click and those who click are typically more than casually interested.

You can set your own budget. You determine in advance what you want to spend each day and Google ensures that you only spend up to that much. You can control your advertising budget more effectively and efficiently.

You can more effectively target consumers. With PPC, you can utilize a host of tools that allow you to select demographics, location and optimal times of day related to your target consumer. This allows you to better strategize your marketing plan to get the customers that are looking for you.

You can aggregate results quickly. The tools available that accompany your PPC campaign allow you to see data right away related to your campaign. You can make adjustments as needed and see where you’re getting the best return on your investment. Organic search results are helpful, but it can weeks or months to see the placement that you desire.

PPC is a useful tool that allows you the flexibility and control that you need as you target your desired customer. PPC isn’t a hacky pop up ad campaign. It is a strategic advertising strategy that, if used effectively, can powerfully alter your marketing strategy and inform your other advertising mediums. It’s time to rethink PPC.

5 Things to Know About Digital Marketing

You paid for a website and it’s not giving you the return on investment that you hoped, right? Simply having a website isn’t enough to draw the traffic you desire. Getting that website in front of potential customers is the key, but how? Here are some things to consider as you develop a digital marketing strategy.

  • Mobile compatibility for your website. Your website has to be mobile. One statistic says that 71 percent of Internet consumption done on mobile devices. People are on their mobile devices more and more. In fact, Google changed its algorithm to give higher rankings on search engine results pages to mobile-optimized websites. 
  • Local search is a big deal. Thousands of companies provide the same types of services around the world, but who cares about online visibility in Des Moines for your carpet cleaning company if you service the Dallas area? Making sure that your optimized for local searches like Google maps listings (local SEO) will help your customers find you based on proximity. 
  • Don’t rule out email marketing. Mass email marketing is not dead. Savvy business people who can create concise and compelling content about their company can see good results through email marketing. Email newsletters are getting very popular as well. These mediums allow you to target interested clientele with good information right in their inboxes. One study showed that emails read on a mobile device have a higher click through rate than emails opened on desktop devices.
  • Make a video. Setup a YouTube channel for free and post regular videos. Consider making instructional videos, “life hacks”, and interviews with experts are all useful. Injecting humor is always good, but if you’re not funny, don’t try to be. 
  • Use paid ads on social media. Social media is a valuable marketing tool. Facebook continues to be the most popular and effective social media marketing tool available. According to Pew, 72% of adults use Facebook. Paying for ads on Facebook is affordable and effective. The tools are easy to use and the yield on money spent is fantastic. 

If you have any question or need help putting together and implementing a strategy, contact us and we’ll get to work for you.


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