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The Value of a "Call to Action"

Any company can have a website and as a result can put a lot of emphasis on the development of a site that is good looking, compelling, and full of good content. This can be a costly endeavor that can fail to deliver the best ROI if certain strategies aren’t considered beforehand. One of the most important strategic considerations for any website is ensuring that your website (or any form of marketing for that matter) has a clear call to action.

A call to action, by definition is simply a prompt that allows a visitor to a website to take a specific action. Lots of attractive websites can accomplish all of the functions of a glorified newsletter, but it doesn’t lead the potential customer to action, it will like fail to result in generating a viable lead or new customer.

The best call to action is a well-designed and thorough landing page. Good landing pages help you by gathering the necessary information from a site visitor like their name and contact information that will allow you to reach out to them. Landing pages do the vetting work for you by gathering information for interested potential clients. This way, your calls aren’t cold call, but call backs to warm leads.

Finally, a good call to action needs to grab the site visitors attention. Don’t forget, your site is a tool for generating leads. Make sure that it is doing that for you. Otherwise, it’s a fancy brochure with a limited ROI. If you want help developing a good landing page, talk to us at Practice Marketing Guru and we can help you work through the best strategies and practices for your landing page and customer call to action.

Level the Playing Field

If you are a start up business, you understand the expense and necessity of acquiring new customers. You likely feel the weight of trying to gain any type of market share away from the large players in your space. So how do you overcome that hurdle and get your business off the ground? The answer is a robust and well-planned digital marketing strategy.

In the modern era of internet connectivity, every business is finding that the advertising playing field is more accessible to smaller companies who are savvy with their online strategy and content. Digital marketing allows a smaller upstart to get in front of customers in a more strategic way by targeting their advertising to actual potential customers and refraining from a blanket approach that sees the company spending valuable advertising dollars on those who are unlikely to become clients.

Consider one comparison. Some large businesses can spend loads of money on billboards all over the place. These billboards are seen by driver after driver all day long, but there is a danger that they simply become a part of the landscape and lose their effectiveness. Now consider an alternative where a small company on a limited budget can leverage their dollars on digital marketing that targets interested individuals and social media feeds for a fraction of the cost. Which strategy sounds more effective for a plumber who is just getting starting and is operating out of his van?

Digital marketing is a more proactive and effective way to advertise to potential clients and the ROI is usually much more speedily understood and assessed. Level the playing field and consider implementing a robust digital marketing strategy that will bring you the clients that your business needs to thrive.

How Do Search Engines Work?

The internet is a valuable tool and source of information, but just having a website on the internet doesn’t mean that the information that you’re trying to proliferate is readily accessible. Search engines play a vital role in connecting those in need of your information or services to your website, but how?

According to moz.com, “When a person performs an online search, the search engine scours its corpus of billions of documents and does two things: first, it returns only those results that are relevant or useful to the searcher's query; second, it ranks those results according to the popularity of the websites serving the information. It is both relevance and popularity that the process of SEO is meant to influence.”

As a service provider or source of information, understanding how to maintain relevance and popularity is key to ensuring that your website is delivered in the desired search results, but it can be time-consuming. Working with a digital marketing agency like Practice Marketing Guru can save you a lot of time trying to learn how to undertake this sometimes complex undertaking and provide you with experience and proven success in the field of search engine optimization and other avenues of digital marketing, while you go about the task of providing the best possible services in your field.

Target Markets Effectively

The internet is a crowded place and it is only getting more and more crowded. Simply having a website and/or a landing page that allows you to make contact with your customer base is simply not enough. According to Forbes Magazine, “One of the best solutions for this is to target a more specific niche, appealing to a narrower range of demographics with a more specific topic.” One of the most effective ways to do this is to develop a digital marketing strategy that goes after those markets more intentionally.
Some of the ways that companies can do that is to utilize data to identify their demographics that accurately represent their target consumer and to develop specific marketing strategies that go after those markets. The relative ease and lower cost of digital marketing tools like PPC (pay per click) advertising and SEO (search engine optimization), as well as social media advertising tools means that customers can specify their message to multiple demographics far cheaper than they would be able to through other traditional marketing platforms.
Practice Marketing Guru is adept at utilizing these strategies to help companies get their message out to potential customers. We can make sure that your money is spent going after customers where they are instead of paying printers, phone sales personnel, and radio advertisers that target broad audiences and unfortunately typically fall on deaf ears.

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